Korean Beauty Inspired Skincare

Korean Beauty Inspired Skincare

The Korean beauty trend popularly known as “Glass Skin” has been #trending all over, and it looks like it’s here to stay. The term describes skin that is so clear, luminous and translucent that it is comparable to the shine and transparency of glass! Even in a relatively warm and humid region like ours, the trend seems to be catching on! 

The true appeal of this trend is that is has little to do with fancy products, as the main focus is on the final result. The look is not supposed to be product heavy, rather encourage maintain more healthy skincare habits so our skin requires less coverage over time. So, today we’ll breakdown the process to achieve this for your skin type. 



This ensures you have a blank canvas to begin with. Before we can add moisture to plump up your skin, we need to make sure your skin is in a state to absorb it! Any cleanser of your choice that suits your skin type will do, but ensure you get rid of any excess oil or residue from either makeup or daily exposure. 



This is also crucial in creating that perfect blank canvas, because any dead skin cells will limit the moisture that can be absorbed by your skin. Exfoliation can be overall on a weekly basis to maintain skin health, or it can be targeted to specific areas, particularly if you tend to have dry skin. The type of exfoliator will also heavily depend on both your preference and skin type. There are countless options to choose from starting from chemical peels which are available in the form of serums or face masks, or physical exfoliators which range from creams to powders and even many homemade organic formulas.

PROTIP: Always cleanse before you exfoliate or you will be working any residual particles on your skin into your pores which may cause congestion and inflammation. 



This is the most important part of the process and can involve as many or as little products as you like. What matters are the sequence of the products used and the process of application. 

The first key rule is to always use the products that are lightest in texture first, and gradually progress to the heavier ones. This is because thinner textured products such as toners, serums, and essences are likely to have smaller molecules which can go deeper within your skin to hydrate it. Thicker products such as moisturizers, creams or nourishing oils act as barriers to protect the skin from losing moisture once absorbed. For the ultimate glass skin effect, I love to use the Instabright Tone Up Milk Cream from POND’s, for the proteins and vitamins in it!




Finally, the actual process of application makes a world of difference in giving your skin a glowy, fresh finish without a touch of makeup! You want to ensure you use smaller amounts of product, always working them into the skin in very gentle patting motions. This will help the product absorb better while also stimulate circulation and give you a natural glow from within. The trick here is to layer each product on multiple times, (even your toner or facial oils!) to build up the effect it has. By doing this, more product is actually absorbed, hence your skin has a glow, but does not feel heavy due to any residue accumulating as it would if products were used in a single application.

You also want to ensure you always drink enough fluids through the day to stay hydrated, and get enough sleep in order to maintain healthy and glowing skin! Try these tips in your routine, to see the difference it can make! Don’t forget to add a touch of gloss on your lips for that ethereal shine. 

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