Get rid of summer dry skin with these simple solutions!

Get rid of summer dry skin with these simple solutions!

“Dry skin can only be seen during winters” most of you probably think this way. But this is to let you know that it’s a misconception. This is true that while problems like dry skin, flaky skin and rough skin are more associated with the colder months, but there are plenty of reasons to face these problems during summer as well. One of the major reasons is dehydration. We often suffer from dehydration as excess water gets expelled from our skin through sweat during summer. Besides, some other factors like sitting in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, taking hot showers, not drinking adequate water can also lead to dry skin. Dry skin makes the skin look dim, reduces the glow of your skin and further leads to premature aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, dry and flaky skin can cause skin irritation too. Now, let’s learn 5 simple solutions to get rid of dry and flaky skins during summer. 


Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera can be the “summer time best friend” for your skin. Because it provides magical solutions to a lot of summer skin problems. Usually it contains plenty of water (around 98.5%) which helps to reduce the dryness of your skin and keeps your skin hydrated as well. So, you can definitely use aloe vera gel on your skin on a regular basis. Moreover, aloe vera based lotions can give you effective result for your body skin during summer too.


Moisturizing oil 

Many of you think that facial oils can not be used during summer. This is a misconception. Moisturizing oils such as jojoba, olive, almond, vitamin E capsule can help you to reduce flakiness of your skin. Choose a moisturizing oil and then mix it with lukewarm water. Then apply the mixture on your skin with a cotton ball. This will remove the dryness of your skin and make your skin look smooth. 


Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is one of the most popular solutions to get rid of your skin dryness. You can always carry a petroleum jelly with you and apply it whenever you skin gets dry. It works perfectly to lock your skin moisture and to keep your skin soft. 


Moisturizing scrub

We are always concerned about dead cells and its negative impact on our skins. Dead cells make it tough for moisturizers and other skin care products to be properly absorbed into your skin. As a consequence, your skin becomes even drier. In order to get rid of dead cells, you should go for moisturizing scrub. It will not only remove dead cells from your skin but also keep your skin moisturized. 

You can make this moisturizing scrub yourself being at home.

Things you will need:
-    2 tablespoons finely ground oatmeal 
-    1 tablespoon honey

You have to mix finely ground oatmeal and honey well together. In order to have a smooth paste, you can go for adding 1 tablespoon warm water in the mixture too.  

You can apply it once or twice a week both as a face and body scrub. 



Glycerin is one the those common beauty ingredients that most of us have at our homes. It can be an excellent solution to get rid of your dry and dehydrated skin. It removes the dead cells of your skin by breaking down dead cell proteins. 

Now make a mixture 50-50 mixture of glycerin & rose water and pour it into a bottle. Apply this mixture on your skin with a cotton ball every night before going to bed. Wash it off the next morning and let it work as a night moisturizer. It will keep your skin soft, fresh and smooth. 

Now you know it is not a tough job to manage your dry and flaky skin in the summer. Following the simple tips mentioned above will make your skin soft, smooth and healthy. 

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