Tensed with excessively oily hair? Find out 6 easy solutions!

Tensed with excessively oily hair? Find out 6 easy solutions!

Like oily skin, oily hair can also be a frustrating matter; going back to that oily scalp no matter how many times you shampoo! I’m sure you often get the thought, “where does all this oil come from?”

The first reason for oily hair is excessive Sebum production. Sebum produces natural oil in our oil glands. This oil is really important to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Only when the oil is producing at an excessive rate do we feel our hair getting oily. Aside from that, hormonal imbalance, the products you use, your lifestyle, these can also be the reason for your oily hair.

Today, I am going to share with you a complete guideline and solution for oily hair.


Refrain from excessive shampooing

Many of us think that the solution to oily hair is shampooing it often. Incorrect! As a matter of fact, it actually increase the oil production of your hair. Shocked, right?

Let me the explain it to you. For example, you wake up in the morning and find your scalp to be oily. To reduce this excess oil, you shampoo your hair. The moment you wash off this natural oil, your scalp starts to produce new oil. This way, your hair will become even more oily than before! That is why shampooing often is not a solution to oily hair. So if you shampoo your hair every day now, try and skip at least 2 days within the week.
Before selecting your shampoo, make sure it is not based on too much oil. That will make your hair flat and even more oily. Instead, select a shampoo that will help increase the volume of your hair.

Dove Oxygen Moisture is a shampoo that specializes in volume. Because this shampoo helps increase the volume and makes your hair bouncy by nourishing and moisturizing it.




Condition on conditioner

Yes girl! There are some rules you have to follow when using a conditioner. First, when applying conditioner apply it towards the end of your hair instead of applying it all over your hair. You cannot use conditioner on your scalp; this makes the scalp even more oily and make your hair flat. After applying shampoo and conditioner, you have to wash your hair thoroughly until the shampoo or conditioner is completely removed. If any of it remains on your hair, your hair will become more oily. 




Along with your hair, keep your brush oil-free as well

Keeping your brush and styling tool oil-free along with your hair is pretty important. After regular use, the oil from your hair transfers to these as well. 

Save yourself from dandruff with some Honey

Often when your hair is oily, you could have dandruff as well. You can use honey as a solution for that. Honey’s antibiotic and antifungal properties can rid you of dandruff and keep your scalp healthy. Mix water with Honey and slowly massage it onto your scalp. After keeping it there for a while, wash it off. In a study of European Journal of Medical Research, it shows that a mixture of 90% Honey and 10% water is really effective in reducing itchiness, flakiness and excessive oil production of hair.




Scalp exfoliation

We know the benefit of skin exfoliation. Likewise, scalp exfoliation helps achieve a healthy scalp. You can try and keep an exfoliator in your routine 1-2 days a week. You can use sugar as a natural and easy solution. First, soak you hair and scalp properly. Now, using your fingers very gently massage  the scalp in a circular motion. Exfoliation helps reduce the dead skin, dirt and oil from your scalp and keeps it healthy.




I hope, you found solutions and answers to many of your questions regarding oily hair. Start following the routine from today and easily remove hair tension from your life!

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