Struggling to manage thick hair? Solve it in just 6 ways!

Struggling to manage thick hair? Solve it in just 6 ways!

To many people, thick hair is the ideal type of hair. Because, a head full of hair gives you the perfect volume and the freedom to experiment with hairstyles. However, it’s a blessing in disguise. At times, it gets tricky to manage such thick hair. Drying and styling it also takes a lot of time.

Managing your thick hair might be difficult but a regular routine can make the process a lot easier. So, today I will share with you a proper routine and guideline to manage your thick hair. 


Avoid using too much shampoo

The first condition of managing your hair is to keep it healthy. Because, healthy hair is easier to manage. And to do so, you need to cut down on using too much shampoo from your routine. Many people think thick hair needs to be shampooed every day. But that’s not the case! The natural oil of our scalp is important for the moisture and shine of the hair. And using too much shampoo ruins the natural oil of our hair and makes it dry. So, to get naturally healthy and shiny hair, shampoo your hair every alternate day. And try using a deep conditioner after shampooing your hair. To maintain the nourishment and moisture of thick hair, you could try using Sunsilk Long And Healthy Growth Shampoo & Conditioner. Because its exclusive formula deeply nourishes your hair from the roots to the tips and keeps it healthy. Also aside from keeping youe hair healthy, those of you who are looking to maintain long hair, this can be an amazing solution for you. 




Natural moisturizer for happy hair!

To keep your hair happy and heathy, moisturizer is the key. That too if it’s natural! Shea butter can be an amazing natural moisturizer. Shea butter naturally reduces dryness and makes your hair soft and manageable. You can apply shea butter as an additional conditioner after showering few times a week. You can also use this as a conditioning hair mask once a week on your hair.




Are you damaging your hair while drying it?

Washing your thick hair means the next one hour you will have to struggle to dry it off, some people need even more than that. I know how difficult it is to dry your hair! But you need to make sure that you are not damaging your hair while drying it. And the first culprit on the list is towel damage. Surprised, right? You must be thinking, “How can towel damage my hair?” Yes, it can! Because our hair is very soft and comparatively fragile when it’s wet. So, while it’s still wet, if you rub your hair too hard with the towel, it can cause damage. So dry it as gently as possible to take away the excess water. That’s not it, we often wrap our wet hair with towel. Rubbing the harsh fiber of the towel on wet hair can damage it. Using a cotton t-shirt to soak the water is a good alternative. 

As a quick solution for drying thick hair, people often blow dry it. But blow-drying your hair every day is a unique reason for hair damage. And drying it naturally also takes a lot of time. So what’s the solution? As a solution to this, you can use a hair cooling hairdryer or a table fan to dry your hair. If you still have to blow-dry then try to keep the heat medium to low.
Regular trimming is important!

Unhealthy and split ends are enough to ruin the beauty of your hair! So, to keep your hair beautiful and healthy, trim it regularly. Try to trim it every 6-8 weeks.


Hair cut to manage thick hair

A perfect haircut can reduce your hair struggles a lot. You can try layer cut to manage thick hair. Because layer cut lightens your hair and makes hair movement a lot easier.


Control your hair with trendy hairstyles 

Braids in thick and voluminous hair can make heads trurn. That’s not it, to control your hair for a long time, braids can be an essay solution. To have a trouble free day, tryout some trendy braid styles. You can also try a quick and easy bun/half up bun for everyday look. Because this keeps your hair tied and secure and can be easily managed.



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