Rules you MUST follow for your thin hair!

Rules you MUST follow for your thin hair!

Genetically, each person’s hair is unique. We don’t really have control over how our hair will be. But aside from genetical reasons, the lack of proper care, choice of lifestyle or food habits can also cause the thinning of one’s hair. Not having volume or the ability to experiment with, many of us are not happy with our hair. But there are some upsides to it as well, for example, it’s easy to do a hairstyle, takes less time to dry the hair, and the natural silky texture of the hair remains!

So there’s nothing to be upset about! Following a simple routine you can keep your thin hair healthy, beautiful and gorgeous. By taking the right care of your hair, maintaining a proper diet and lifestyle, you can care for your thin hair. If your hair is less in volume, then you must know about this routine.


Heatless waves and curls for healthy hair  

Using products with excessive heat while trying to style your hair is like increasing the damage to your hair. So, avoid heat as much as possible to reduce the damage. Instead of that you can try natural or heatless waves and curls.


Regular massage to achieve a magical transformation

Try and massage your scalp a few minutes every day to see a magical transformation in your hair. Regular massage increases the blood circulation and oxygen on your scalp. Also, it helps increase the growth and thickness of your hair. To know more about scalp and hair massage, watch the following video. 

Know the right rules to apply conditioner?

Many of you might not know that there are some rules to follow when applying conditioner. You should not apply conditioner to the scalp or the root of your hair. This makes the hair flat and look even thin. Besides, the hair becomes oily even quicker if you apply conditioner to your scalp. This weakens the root of your hair and increases hair-fall. So, apply the conditioner from the middle till the end of your hair.


Achieve volume using natural ingredients

Less volume is a big problem for thin hair. You can bring back the volume using some natural ingredients. 

What you need:
•    1 cup of Green tea liquor
•    ¼ cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

Cool the green tea liquor and mix it with the apple cider vinegar. Apply the mixture on your hair after you shampoo; there’s no need to wash it off. This will naturally bring back volume to your hair and help reduce any inflammation you might have on your scalp. If you have colored hair, test and make sure that it isn’t discoloring your hair. 


Trim regularly to keep your hair healthy

Trimming your hair regularly after every 6-8 weeks helps your hair to look healthy and dense. Try and avoid layer cut as a hairstyle, as it makes your hair look even thinner. And it’s better to not make your hair too long, this can cause breakage towards the end of your hair. 




And if you must make your hair long, make sure you’re taking the right care for your hair. As a shampoo, you can try and use Sunsilk Lusciously Thick and long shampoo & Conditioner. I’m sure you can tell why. This shampoo is enriched with Keratin yoghurt and nutrients, which brings bounciness to your hair by making your hair long and dense. 

Healthy diet for healthy hair

Beside the steps mentioned above, it is very important for you to maintain a healthy diet. Your food habits and your lifestyle is directly related to your hair. The hair often becomes thin due to lack of necessary vitamins and nutrients. So, make sure your diet has plenty of Vitamin B; it helps keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Plenty of green vegetables, yoghurt and egg can give you the amount of Vitamin B you need. 

Today you got to know a complete guideline for your hair. But knowing it isn’t enough, you have to follow it as well. So, start from today and keep your hair healthy, beautiful and gorgeous.  

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