Proper care for Coarse hair with the right rules

Proper care for Coarse hair with the right rules

Each of us have a different type of hair, so accordingly the care we take has to be different as well. Straight, curly, dense, slender, dry or oily, we are somewhat familiar with these type of hair. But the type of hair that I am going to talk about today, most of you probably haven't heard of it; it is called thick or Coarse hair. A bit shocked right?

What is coarse hair? Its proper care, right products for it, and the perfect style for it, I am going to share it all with you today.


What is coarse hair?

First let’s find out what it actually is. Many might think that dense and coarse are the same. But that is not the case, the specialty of this kind of hair is that these are wider than normal hair. Meaning, each hair is individually wider than normal. As a result the total hair is really strong. But dense hair relies on the density of hair on your scalp. Funny thing is, coarse hair can also be straight, curly, dry or frizzy as well.

Now you know what coarse hair is, but how do you find out if it is the type of hair you have? Easy! Take a hair on your finger and pay close attention to it; if it looks pretty wide, then your hair falls in this type. And like every other hair type, this too needs proper care. Let’s have a look at 5 rules to follow when taking care of coarse hair. 


Nourishing Shampoo

Since your hair is already pretty thick, it is okay if your shampoo doesn’t have any ingredient  that is supposed to increase the volume or thickness of your hair instead what you need the most is moisturizing and nourishment, which will help you get rid of the rough texture of your hair Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo can be an excellent solution for your hair. Formulated with vita-oils which is a unique blend of natural coconut almond and sunflower oil. This gathers the essential vitamins for your hair and deeply nourishes it. And so your hair stays soft, manageable and frizzy-free.


Silk Pillow Cover

Wondering how silk pillow covers are related? Yes! Silk covers have less friction than cotton covers. Also in comparison, silk absorbs less moisture from our hair and skin. So, to reduce the damage and tangling of your hair, you can try using silk pillow covers.


Hot Oil Treatment

You can try and massage coconut, olive, almond, or any other nourishing oil you prefer as deep conditioning treatment 2 days a week. This will get rid of the roughness of your hair and keep it naturally moisturized and healthy.




The Right Hair Brush



Perfect Hair Style  

For thick hair I would suggest long bob, feather shag bob or face framing layer as the perfect hair style. These trendy hairstyles will help in keeping your hair manageable. Braids, half up-do and up-do can be perfect solutions in hairstyles.


Hope that from today onwards, you won’t have any more confusion regarding thick hair. Follow this routine to easily keep your hair healthy and manageable. 


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