Is Argan oil really that good for your hair?

Is Argan oil really that good for your hair?

Back in the days, when we would think of oil, only Coconut and Olive oil would come to mind. But over time, the beauty trend has changed a lot. With that, came many new options for skin and hair care. And natural oils play a big role in this beauty trend. Argan oil is one of them. This Argan oil is made from the extracts of Moroccan Argan tree. It is also called ‘liquid gold’ for its numerous beauty benefits. Let's find out what benefits this ‘liquid gold’ or Argan oil provides for your hair. 
Nourishes your hair and adds shine to it.
Argan oil is an effective way to naturally nourish your hair and to make it shiny. It contains a lot of essential fatty acid that nourishes the hair from root to tip. That is why, many haircare products nowadays use Argan oil as their main ingredient.




Increases hair growth
Argan oil contains antioxidants, vitamins and phenols which makes your scalp healthy. And it not only increases hair growth, but also helps to make it healthy and thicker.


Repairs hair damage
Hair color,  excessive heat styling, etc. can make the hair dry and damage it. And no matter what you do, you cannot restore it back to the healthy state. So Argan oil can be a natural solution to hair repair. Its amazing nourishing elements nourishes each hair individually and repairs the hair from root.


Reduces scalp infection
Argan oil works very well to reduce problems like dry or itchy scalp, dandruff and scalp infection. It contains anti-microbial and anti-bacterial elements, which reduces scalp inflammation and keeps it relaxed.


How to use ArganOil? 
Now that you know about the benefits of Argan oil. Let's find out some of the rules on how to use it.




As a Live-in conditioner
A simple and effective way to use Argan oil is to use it as a live-in conditioner. First, wash your hair properly with shampoo. Then remove excess water with a cotton towel or a t-shirt. Now massage the hair gently with 2-3 drops of Argan oil. No need to wash it off. You can use Argan oil as a live-in conditioner after shampooing your hair everytime.


Argan Oil Hair Mask
Argan oil can also be applied as hair mask.  Mix equal amounts of Argan and Coconut oil together. Then brush your hair well to remove knots. Now, apply on full hair and scalp, and brush it again, this will spread the oil properly on your hair. Cover your head with a hair cap and wait 30 minutes like this. Then wash your hair with shampoo.


As Heat Protection
Before styling your hair with heat, you can apply Argan oil to your hair as heat protection. 

Finally, another wonderful thing about Argan oil is that it not only keeps your hair gorgeous, but also keeps the skin flawless. So you can easily care for your skin and your hair with one natural oil.  
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