Hair Care Routine for Thin and Flat Hair

Hair Care Routine for Thin and Flat Hair

Everyday heat styling, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of balanced diet all these things might cause different kind of hair problems. Among these problems one common one is thinning of hair. Also, some people genetically have very thin hair. When the hair is thin, it loses volume, so it looks flat and dull, also doing any hairstyle becomes difficult. That’s why you need to follow a proper hair care routine to bring volume to hair and keep it healthy and beautiful. Today’s hair care routine will easily help you with thin hair problems.


Use Argan Oil twice a week

Regular oil massage increases blood circulation and oxygen supply of the scalp. This improves hair growth and thickness. But if your hair is thin, after oil massage the hair gets even greasier and flatter. Which is why many people avoid using hair oils. One easy solution to this could be Argan oil! Because Argan oil is non-greasy so the hair does not feel heavy. It contains vitamin E which nicely moisturizes the hair.


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Aloe Vera mask to bring volume to hair

Aloe Vera is a magical ingredient for hair! This contains a lot of protein, vitamin and minerals, which nourish the hair and keeps it healthy. Using Aloe Vera mask once a week brings volume to your hair and also increases growth.

Things you need:
-Aloe Vera gel 1 cup
-Castor oil 2 table spoon
First collect the Aloe Vera gel from the leaves for about 1 cup. Now mix castor oil with it to make the mask. Now apply the mask on your scalp and all of your hair and cover the head with a shower cap. After 1-2 hour shampoo your hair.


Use shampoo and conditioner moderately

Using too much shampoo and conditioner makes your hair greasy and flat. That’s why you need to use shampoo and conditioner according to need. Also, shampooing your hair everyday washes off the natural oil. As a result, the scalp starts producing more oil. So, your hair gets even greasier and flatter! You should shampoo 2-3 days a week depending on your lifestyle and how often you go out. Before selecting your shampoo make sure it’s a mild one which gives volume to your hair. And try to avoid too harsh products. Because it ruins the natural oil of your hair and makes the hair dry and flat. For dull and flat hair, you can try the new Sunsilk Coconut and Aloe Vera Volume shampoo. You are probably guessing from the name that this shampoo is specialized for hair volume! Yes, the aloe vera and coconut in it helps to bring volume and bounce to hair. Alongside it is very helpful to keep your hair nourished and healthy.


Regular trimming

Split-end is another very common problem of hair. The hair ends are thin and dry and tend to split. So, you must trim your hair every 6-8 weeks. Also, the longer your hair gets it gets more pulled by the gravity! So, the volume of hair decreases. That’s why short or medium lengths are best for thin hair. 
Finally, food habit. You must be thinking, “what food habit has to do with hair care routine?” It’s because whatever we eat, we see the reflection of it on our hair! So, if your food habit is healthy your hair will stay healthy as well.

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