Beauty expert Aneeka Bushra tells us the how to maintain a healthy skin with a simple routine

Beauty expert Aneeka Bushra tells us the how to maintain a healthy skin with a  simple routine

Aneeka Bushra, one of the popular beauty experts of this generation. Her beauty salon "Splendor by Aneeka Bushra" is well known for its professional skin care, hair treatment and makeover. We were talking to Aneeka about various skin problems and their solutions. In today's article we will share these skin care tips with you.


What is the most important aspect of skin care?

Before starting skin care, it is important to understand the skin type properly. This makes skin care much easier. E.g. My skin type is "dry to combination". So the skin often becomes dehydrated. As a solution I always use hydrating moisturizer.


What steps do you follow in your daily skin care?

I always try to follow a basic skin care routine on a regular basis. After washing my face thoroughly with cleanser every morning, I apply a hydrating moisturizer.
And deep cleansing at night is very important. After removing the makeup properly, I clean the face. Then I apply a toner and moisturizer.


Which is the skin care product you can you not go a day without?

Sunscreen! This is one of my must have skin care products. I apply sunscreen every day when I go out. Be it in the morning or in the afternoon!
What type of skin care product do you like the most?

I personally prefer natural skin care products. Herbal products work better than chemical products on my skin. I even make the face mask myself using some natural ingredients, and I apply it on my face twice a month. It helps keep my skin beautiful and healthy in hot weather. You can also try this mask.

What you need:
•    Gram-flour
•    Lemon juice
•    Powder milk

Sufficiently mix a few drops of Lemon juice with Pea-flour and Powder milk to prepare the mask.

This was Aneeka's simple skin care routine for every day. If you like this routine, you can try it too. In the next post, I will share Aneeka Bushra's expert makeup tips with you. Keep an eye on Be Beautiful BD!

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