Add a dash of life to your straight hair with an easy routine!

Add a dash of life to your straight hair with an easy routine!

Your natural straight hair gives you the confidence to be presentable every day. But we know how hard it is to keep it beautiful and gorgeous all the time. Many think that straight hair doesn’t need much care. But in reality, the lack of proper care can easily make your hair frizzy, flat and boring. To keep your beautiful straight hair shiny, smooth and vibrant, pay attention to this complete guideline. 


Select the perfect shampoo and conditioner!

Cleansing and conditioning is always the first step in any hair care routine. And for this, you must carefully select the products. Just because its good, doesn’t make it enough of a reason for you to apply it. It is very important to select the shampoo and conditioner based on your hair type. A shampoo can be really good for curly hair but completely unsuited to straight hair. So, use a shampoo and conditioner that will get rid of the fizziness and dryness, and can increase the volume of your hair. You can try Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo and Conditioner; it specializes in straight hair. Its special silk protein formula rids you of the fizziness and makes your hair silky and vibrant. It also adds volume to your hair and makes it manageable. The frequency of your shampoo depends on your lifestyle. If you have to get out in the dirt and pollution every day then try to shampoo at least every other day. 




Dry shampoo for instant solution

If your hair starts to look a little boring or sad, doesn’t mean you should shampoo it right away. Shampooing every day washes away the natural oil in your hair and as a result it can loose its moisture. So, if your hair starts to look a little dull on the second or third day after shampoo, you can use dry shampoo as an easy solution. Dry shampoo basically removes the excess oil and grease close to your scalp and brings volume and liveliness to your hair. This makes it easy to style your hair even 1-2 days after you shampoo. If you think buying dry shampoo can be a hassle, you can easily make it at home. 

What you need:
•    2 table spoon of Cinnamon powder
•    2 table spoon of Corn starch
•    1 table spoon of Lavender oil

First, properly mix the cinnamon powder and corn starch. Now, mix lavender oil with it. Your dry shampoo is ready!
Applying dry shampoo is also pretty easy. First, take a clean makeup brush and apply it to your hair. Then massage it at the root of your hair using your fingers. After leaving it on for 5-10 minutes, brush your hair properly, this way the excess powder comes off your hair. 

But, it’s better not to use dry shampoo too often as it may cause problems like dry scalp or dandruff. 




Natural hair mask to say goodbye to fizziness

Conditioner is not enough to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized. And when your hair doesn’t get proper moisture, it becomes dry, dull and lifeless. That is why at least once a week, your hair needs deep conditioning mask, which will rid you of the fizziness and help keep your hair healthy and soft. You can easily make this mask using a few natural ingredients. 

What you need:
•    1 Banana
•    2 table spoon of Sour curd
•    1 table spoon of Honey

Blend all the ingredients together. Apply it all over your hair and use a shower cap to cover it. After leaving it on for 30-45 minutes, shampoo your hair. Banana works as a natural conditioner for your hair, ridding your hair of fizziness and keeps it moisturized, and the lactic acid in sour curd helps repair the damaged hair. 




Regular trimming

Straight hair gets split-ends easily in comparison. So, you need to properly trim your hair every 4-6 weeks. 

See, how easy it is to care for natural straight hair! To keep this nature blessed hair free from fizziness and dullness, and to keep it beautiful and gorgeous, start following this routine from today!

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