5 easy tips for your lively curls!

5 easy tips for your lively curls!

“What beautiful curly hair, I wish mine was like this” I’m sure you enjoy hearing compliments like this about your hair. 

Only those who are born with naturally curly hair know the true struggle of managing such kind of hair. Curly hair has a different texture compared to other types of hair. Because of the curls and curves, the natural oil produced in the scalp cannot reach the tip of the hair. This natural oil is really important in keeping our hair soft and moisturized. For these reasons, the texture of curly hair is rough in comparison, as a result, it needs extra hydration. Besides, there is no end to the struggle of keeping curly hair tangle-free, manageable or to do a fashionable hairstyle. Does that mean girls with curly hair are only meant to look at straight hair and suffer in frustration?

Not at all! Because curly hair is a blessing to your gorgeous look, all it needs is to be properly cared for a little. Today I am going to share with you a few easy tips to get bounce, volume and shine back to your curly hair.


Regular conditioning treatment

As natural curly hair is very dry and is really difficult to keep tangle-free, regular conditioning treatment will help keep your hair soft and tangle-free. Besides, it also keeps your hair moisturized and hydrated.

Curly hair not only needs to be conditioned after shampoo, but before it as well. Before you shampoo, chose a nourishing oil (Coconut, Olive, Almond etc.) you prefer and apply it on your hair. Divide your hair into a few segments before applying and use your fingers to separate the curls. This will spread the oil throughout your hair properly. You can use a plastic cap or a towel to cover your hair, this will create natural heat on your scalp and open up the cuticles of your hair. As a result, the oil will go deep into your hair and condition it. Keep it like that for at least 20 minutes and then start the shampoo process. 
This pre-shampoo treatment may seem like a bit of hassle or time consuming to you. But trust me, this will save you a lot of time in the long-run by keeping your hair tangle-free and manageable.

Don’t forget to use conditioner after you shampoo. Because, shampoo washes off the natural oil of your hair and to restore that moisture, you need conditioner. After properly washing off the shampoo, apply conditioner from mid-length to the tip of your hair. Wash it off after keeping it there for at least 5 minutes. Besides, using Leave-in conditioner after you shampoo effectively keeps your hair moisturized and hydrated.


Save your hair from towel damage

To dry wet hair many of us roughly rub the hair on a towel; this makes the hair frizzy and dry. Besides, the hair is very fragile when it is wet, roughly rubbing it on the towel then can cause hair breakage or damage. So, when drying your hair, very gently squeeze away the excess water from your hair. Micro-fiber towels are a good alternative for curly hair to control its dryness and fizziness. Even if micro-fiber towels aren’t available near you, there’s no need to worry. Use a cotton t-shirt to gently wipe the wet hair and keep your hair safe from frizz and damage. 


Defuser will save you from fizziness

Defuser is like a blessing for curly hair! It is basically an extra attachment of a hair dryer which spreads out the air to a much wider area. So, when you use a defuser to dry your hair, it will not ruin the natural curl pattern.
Try and use a defuser even when you’re blow-drying. There’s less chance of your hair turning fizzy as the defuser will equally spread out the heat over your hair. But you must avoid dryers with excessive heat, because thermal/heating tools are a cause of hair damage and breakage.




Comb your hair the right way

There are some rules to follow when combing curly hair. First, start from the bottom and slowly comb your way to the top, as curly hair possesses a high risk of getting tangled. If you start combing from the top, all the tangles accumulate towards the bottom. To untangle it at that state, it requires a lot of pressure which causes the hair to break. Also, when combing, use your fingers to untangle your hair, this reduces the chance applying too much pressure on your hair. 


Avoid hair brushes

Shocked, aren’t you? Yes, instead of using a brush, use a comb with thick teeth. Because curly hair is fragile and using a brush creates the chance of hair breakage and damage. To avoid breakage and damage, you must not comb your hair when it is dry. After you shampoo, use a comb with thick teeth and detangle your hair. At that state, it is easy to detangle your hair and there is less chance of ruining the natural curl pattern of your hair. 




Finally, no matter what type is your hair, it is not possible to maintain healthy hair without regular trimming. To keep your hair healthy, fresh and bouncy, trim your hair after every 6-8 weeks. So, start following these tips from today and keep your natural curls healthy and gorgeous. 

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