What to do and what not to do before coloring hair, get rid of all the confusion right away!

What to do and what not to do before coloring hair, get rid of all the confusion right away!

Much of our look depends on our hair. Any changes in the hair such as; The cut or color can change the whole look. But sometimes after coloring, it isn’t how we expected it to be or just isn’t perfect. According to experts, some important tips should be followed for a few days before coloring, and some things should be avoided. And so, I will be sharing these important tips with you today.

Invest in good conditioners and hair serums


Chemicals in hair color often damage the hair. However, by selecting a good hair color, this damage can be reduced by a lot. But if your hair is already damaged, repair it before you get a new color. Apply conditioner and serum regularly. This will keep the balance of moisture in your hair and keep it healthy.

Trimming or a fresh haircut


Coloring while your hair still has split ends is never a good idea! So you must trim your hair before coloring or get a new haircut altogether. This way, the dry-damaged part will be trimmed, and bring in a healthy and fresh look.


Avoid heat styling 
Frequent heat styling is a major cause for hair damage. So, try and avoid heat styling for a few days before coloring. It will give your hair a healthy break. And during this period you can experiment with a lot of heat-free styles.

Coloring the hair is a very exciting for all of us. But due to some tiny mistakes, sometimes the color doesn’t come out as we expect it to. So my advice, follow these simple steps before coloring, and get the perfect color on your hair!

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