Use double cleansing to remove your makeup!

Use double cleansing to remove your makeup!

People used to think that face wash and soap would make the best cleansing duo. Then they realized, in order to get healthy skin they should go the extra miles. That’s how the idea of double cleansing came to being. It’s a great solution for both makeup removal and skin care.

What is double cleansing? What is the benefit of doing it?  What’s the correct way of removing makeup? Often people get stuck with these sort of questions. So, It is necessary to know the righ ways of makeup removal and skin care. 


What is double cleasnsing? 

Double cleansing is a method of cleansing your face twice. Firstly, with an oil-based cleanser and finally with a water-based cleanser. 


When should you double cleanse?

It is pivotal after using makeup products. But it is also recommendable to clean the dirt and pollution of the skin at the end of the day. Those who have oily and pimple prone skin should go for this routine. But individuals with dry skin who uses more make up products than usual should also go for double cleansing method everyday.




Double cleansing steps 
Step 1: Take an adequate amount of cocunut oil or micellar water in your hands and massage it by rubbing your palms together for few minutes. 
Step 2: Massage your entire face (including eye makeup) for 30-60 seconds with the dissolved cleanser. This will increase blood flow.
Step 3: Take a clean piece of cloth and soak it into lukewarm water. Remove the excess water then use it for 30 seconds to give your face a mini steam. This will help remove dirt and facial makeup. Finally use a cloth to gently clean your skin. 
Step 4: Now take a cleanser and massage your skin for one minute. Then gently wash your face with a mixture of lukewarm and normal water.
Step 5: Now apply serum, oil or moisturizer on your skin. 


Benefits of using double cleansing
•    It keeps your skin clean which in turn makes it easier for other skincare products have better impacts on your skin.
•    It reduces pimples that are caused by bacteria and dust.
•    It reduces the redness, inflammation that are caused by pimples and keeps the skin pores clean.
•    It minimizes skin dehydration and skin irritation that are caused by the use of soap on the skin.




Natural Makeup remover

Dry skin

Being completely natural, Olive Oil doesn’t increase pimples or dryness of skin. 

Things you will need
•    1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
•    1 bottle aloe vera water

Pour the olive oil into a bottle of aloe vera water. Then shake the mixture of and apply the cleanser in a cottonball to gently rinse your skin and eye area. 


Oily skin 

Rose water consists of natural antesptic, antiflammatory and antibacterioal ingredients. On the other hand, cocount oil reduces acne. So a blend of these two will be perfect for oily skin.

Things you will need.
•    3 table spoons of rose water
•    1 teaspoon of coconut water 

Take a cotton pad and soak it into the cleanser, then gently rinse through your face and eye area to remove your makeup. 


Comibantion skin

While green tea reduces your skin’s inflammation, grape seed brightens up your oil skin.

Things you will need
•    1 tablespoon brewed green tea
•    ½ tablespoon vegetable glycerin
•    1 tablespoon grape seed oil

Pour all these ingredients together and after the mixture gets ready spray it into a cotton ball. Apply it to your skin afterwards. Finally remove it from your skin after few seconds. 

Double cleansing makes it mark while it comes to makeup removal and make your skin healthy. Don’t forget to add double cleansing in your routine from today onwards. 

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