Simple tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing during pregnancy!

Simple tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing during pregnancy!

Some lucky girls get a kind of glow on their skin during pregnancy. But even if your skin is naturally dry or combination, it’s likely to have more oily skin at this time. It happens because during pregnancy the hormones in your body increase. That’s why skin pores produce a lot more oil. If you already have oily skin, then the chances of getting pimples are higher. However, you don’t have to deal with this problem for much long. 

Just follow some simple tips during this time to get glowing skin from the beginning of your pregnancy.


2 liters of water

Water reduces toxins from the body. Water maintains the right balance of amniotic fluid that is necessary for you and your baby’s good health. But if you don't like the taste of water during pregnancy, you can drink coconut water or soup. To get a healthy and glowing skin, you have to maintain a healthy liquid intake.


Sleep for 8 to 10 hours 

During pregnancy if you sleep as much as you need, you will feel energetic. Also, sleep is very necessary to reduce the dark circles under your eyes.


Wash your face twice a day

If you wash your face twice a day, you will get a fresh and oil free look.

To get a pimple free skin, you can clean your skin for 5 minutes by mixing very light hot water with normal water. Then use an oil free moisturizer, because every type of skin naturally produces a lot of oil at this time. So use oil free products as much as possible, it will keep your skin pimple free and fresh.


Balanced diet

During pregnancy you need to follow the correct diet chart suggested by your doctor. You can't compromise a balanced diet to keep you and your baby healthy and have a healthy and glowing skin. 


No stress

Stress is bad for both you and your baby. So, you can meditate for few minutes every day to reduce stress. The habit of sitting alone for some time without talking or working and thinking positively can be beneficial for your health. It is a kind of rest for your mind and brain. This will help immensely reduce stress.




Use of herbal products

You can try using herbal products because during pregnancy your skin becomes very sensitive. Rash, pimples and skin irritation become common problems for many girls. However, there is nothing to worry about if the skin is damaged due to hormonal reasons during your pregnancy. Herbal products can be a remedy. But even if you are using herbal products, go for products which match your skin type. 


Exercise every day

Many people think that there is no need to exercise during pregnancy. But it is not healthy at all! However, doing heavy exercise at this time can cause problems for you and your baby's health. You should not lift anything heavy during pregnancy. You can also hurt yourself while doing heavy exercise. Try light exercises suggested by your doctor to keep yourself and your baby healthy and this will help to make your skin amazing as well.


Beware of sunburn

Sunburn is very usual thing at this time. So, try to stay in a place where you can avoid exposure to sun. If you don't want to use any chemical-based sunscreen, you can use pregnancy friendly sunscreen. However, using natural or organic sunscreen that contains zinc oxide is safer for your skin.

It is natural to have some skin problems during your pregnancy. But then again, these problems get better with time. So, don’t stress yourself. A bit of skin and health care, during and after pregnancy period can be your perfect solutions!

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