Mistakes that lead to dull and flat hair!

Mistakes that lead to dull and flat hair!

Who doesn’t want beautiful volume and bounce in hair? But we often overlook some factors that may lead us to thin and flat hair. As a consequence, our hair loses its volume and becomes lifeless. Furthermore, we can’t do much regarding hairstyles with this type of flat hair. Let’s find out if you’re unknowingly overlooking the factors that may lead you to flat and dull hair.


Using wrong hair care products

One of the most common mistakes in hair care is using wrong hair care products. Many of you start using a hair care product without knowing much about it and without understanding whether it will suit you or not. Often these products are not suitable for you. It’s recommendable to know about a product before using it on a regular basis.

What’s there to know about a hair care product? You have to find a product suited with the type, texture and requirements of your hair. For instance, you should check whether a shampoo, conditioner or any hair care product is mild and provides volume for your hair or not when you have thin hair. Besides, you should always try to avoid harsh hair care products because these sorts of products often damage the natural oil of your hair and make them dry and flat eventually.




Using shampoo and conditioner incorrectly

When you find the perfect shampoo and conditioner for your hair, you should also focus on applying the products in a correct way. If you can’t use the products in a proper manner then it can also lead you to flat and thin hair. Firstly, you should take shampoo and conditioner in proportion to your hair. Then you should apply conditioner on the bottom two-thirds of your hair, staying away from scalp. Because if it reaches your scalp then it becomes oily and your hair looks flat. Finally, if you don’t wash off your hair perfectly then your hair becomes oily and flat. It’s advisable to wash off your hair well after applying shampoo and conditioner on your hair.




Over usage of heat styling

Most of us can’t go a single day without using straighteners, dryers, curlers or other heat styling tools. But we should also keep in mind that excessive use of these heat styling tools can also lead to hair damage, hair breakage and thin hair.


Having extra-long hair

The longer our hair gets, the flatter it lays. Longer hair usually results in reduction of hair volume. It also makes your hair dry and thin. In order to avoid the split ends, you should trim your hair regularly.


Not maintaining proper hair care

Not maintaining a proper hair care routine leaves your hair rough, dull and dry. In order to bring volume and bounce in your hair, you must keep your hair healthy. That’s why it’s pivotal to maintain a proper hair care routine. For instance, you can try out oil massage 1-2 times a week, hair masks and other hair care activities to keep your hair healthy.

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Finally, we shouldn’t forget to maintain a healthy diet while taking proper hair care. Because our food habits and lifestyles play a vital role in shaping our hair. Our hair health is a reflection of what we eat. That’s why sometimes lack of essential vitamins and nutrients in our diet can also lead to thin and flat hair. It’s recommendable to have adequate vitamin B in your diet. Because vitamin B makes your hair healthy and beautiful. You will get vitamin B in green vegetables, yogurt, eggs as well as in other foods.

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