Know about the 4 most common reasons for split ends

Know about the 4 most common reasons for split ends

Hair should always be silky, smooth and shiny! This is what we all want. But for many reasons our hair faces various problems and becomes dry, rough and damaged. One such problem is split ends. Many people suffer this problem and try a lot of things but can’t find a solution. Because to prevent split ends, we must first know what causes it or why it occurs.


First find out what split ends are!

You can tell by the name that it’s something that happens towards the end of your hair. The end of your hair gets split or cracked. And the hair looks damaged and unhealthy.


Why does split ends happen?



Heat styling

Excessive heat styling is the biggest cause of split ends. Blow-Dry, Straightener, Curling Iron, when used these heat styling tools apply direct heat to the hair. It removes the necessary water from the hair and damages the cuticle (protective layer of hair). And reduces the hydration of hair and hair can be easily broken and torn.




Friction damage

Friction is another major cause of hair damage. This friction causes more damage when the hair is wet. Because wet hair is naturally softer, so it breaks easily when wiped with a towel or when combing.


Chemical treatment

Artificial hair color, chemical treatment, these can also cause split ends. The natural structure of the hair breaks down when curly hair is straightened or straight hair is curled through chemical hair treatment. And the hair becomes weak. Similarly hair color also destroys the cuticle layer of hair.


Harmful ray of the sun

The sun's UV-rays are not only harmful for the skin, but also for the hair. The direct heat of the sun can destroy the natural proteins and keratin in hair. As a result, the hair becomes weak, dry, rough and gets damaged. Protein and keratin are very important to keep hair strong and shiny.

These are some of the most common causes of split ends. By avoiding that, it is possible to somewhat control the split ends. This problem can also be caused by food habit and by not taking proper care of hair.

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