Does weather change really affect the hair?

Does weather change really affect the hair?

Spring has come after a cold and dry winter. The sun’s temperature is rising bit by bit every day. And with that, dust is also there. And in a few days Summer will start. This time of changing weather is really confusing. Are you also confused with your hair in this weather? 

If the answer is yes, then the reason is very simple. Weather changes can really affect our hair and a variety of hair problems can arise.


Dust and Wind 

It is very difficult to manage our hair now due to the strong wind and dust outside. Shortly after we leave our homes, the hair starts to get messy, hairstyle gets ruined, hair gets tangled, we are all more or less suffering from these problems. The air also makes our hair frizzy, and sometimes the hair becomes too dry and breaks off. And the scalp quickly becomes dirty and sticky by accumulating dust. 


Sun Exposure

Sun’s exposure or direct heat from the sun is terrible for the hair! Because the Sun’s UVA and UVB rays destroy the outer covering of the hair. This leads to dryness and damage in the hair. Besides Sun damage also creates problems like ruined hair color, split ends or cracked hair, thinning of hair etc. 



Humidity in the Air 

As the heat increases, so does the amount of moisture in the air. Dry hair attracts water vapor from the air in humid weather. Interestingly, the effect of this moisture varies on each type of hair. Those with thin hair lose their volume and the hair look even more flat. And thick hair becomes much more frizzy after absorbing the water vapor. 



As you can see, the change in weather is responsible for many of our hair problems. But what is its solution? To know some tips on hair problem solutions during weather changes, click the link below:  Dandruff problem due to change of weather? Get the solution naturally!

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