Do Korean Makeup with Easy Steps

Do Korean Makeup with Easy Steps

Doing your makeup following the trend is a very common thing. And for the last few years Korean makeup has been trending a lot. The main reason for Korean makeup being so popular is that even though it’s light, it's still eye-catching. Korean makeup makes you look very youthful as well. And it brings a cute and doll-like look to your face.

What is Korean makeup look
Korean makeup brings a flawless complexion, dewy look and youthfulness to your skin. THis makeup brings out the natural beauty and gorgeous look.

Start with moisturizer
Korean makeup makes your skin glowy and gives a wet look. But this makeup is not done with highlighter or full coverage foundation. To get glass skin like Korean girls start with moisturizer before makeup to make it hydrated. Apply moisturizer to your skin every morning and night. To keep your skin hydrated you can use skin mist regularly.    

Sun care
To protect your skin from the sun, applying sunscreen is a must. You can never miss out using sunscreen before using any makeup product. 

BB cream or compact powder
Korean makeup can be done very easily and quickly. BB creams are really light weight. It’s not heavy like foundations. Using a BB cream brings out a natural beauty to your skin.

Even if you have flawless skin it’s important to use concealer. To hide dark-circles, pimple spots or skin redness concealer is very necessary. You can use a one shade lighter concealer as highlighter. But you you don’t have many spots then very lightly use foundation.    


Eye makeup
Korean eye makeup is very light. Using brown, pink or collar colored eye-shadow is very common in Korean eye makeup. No need to apply thick eyeliner or kohl on your eyes. You can apply a thin eyeliner in cateye style. Sometimes a black eyeliner brings a harsh look. So Koreans use brown eyeliner. This brings a soft look to the eye. To get a natural look use mascara instead of wearing eyelashes. You can use golden glittery shadow on the lower water line. 

The blusion should give a ‘fruit juice’ look. So, try applying a fruit color blushion. Blushion colors like watermelon, peach, and strawberry will bring a glow to the skin.

To keep a hydrated look on your lips apply lipstick in two layers.First apply a nude color lipstick and then apply watercolor lip gloss on top of it.  

See how easily you can achieve a Korean makeup look. And to look natural even after wearing makeup following these easy steps will suffice. 

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