5 Effective Tips to feel Wonderful during Pregnancy!

5 Effective Tips to feel Wonderful during Pregnancy!

During pregnancy, hormonal changes in the body are very natural. This also affects the skin and hair. At this time, some people’s skin becomes very glowing and beautiful whereas some others face the exact opposite! Many of them suffer from pimples and excessive oil production on the face etc. Besides, there’s another issue of stretch marks too! Today I will share 5 effective tips to make your pregnancy time comfortable and more beautiful.

Keep the skin and body hydrated
Healthy skin or healthy body, nothing is possible without regular hydration. So, drinking enough water and eating hydrating fruits in your daily diet, is a must! These will reduce dullness and tiredness from the face and will make it look fresh. Also, you and your baby will be in good health. Besides, adequate amount of water in the diet also helps a lot in reducing body toxins.



Oil Massage to reduce Stretch Marks
Stretch mark is a very common skin problem in pregnancy. If you don't take care of it from the beginning, it might stay permanently. So from your early stage of pregnancy, regularly massage nourishing oils like; coconut and olive oil on the body. This will increase blood circulation in the skin and lighten stretch marks.

Honey for treating Pregnancy Acne
During this time, sebum production in the skin increases due to hormonal changes and skin pores gets clogged up causing pimples and acne. You can use honey as a natural solution for acne. It contains antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients that control the bacteria which causes pimples and acne. It also keeps skin cool and relaxed.

First, properly clean your face. Then apply honey and wait for 20-30 minutes. After that, rinse with lukewarm water.



Dress Comfortably
Pregnancy is a beautiful journey for every girl. However, many of us worry how to dress at this time. First and foremost, you must wear comfortable clothes. Dresses with comfortable material and design will help you move easily.  And beautiful colors will help you to be in good mood.

Avoid Chemical Treatments and Coloring
During pregnancy, it is safe to avoid chemical coloring and treatments on the hair. Because chemical reactions can often harm the baby. There is also the possibility of causing irritation.

And finally, don’t forget that beauty and fitness are very complimentary. So, try to do light exercise and meditation every day as advised by your doctor. Regular exercise reduces body toxins and stress, and helps you sleep better.

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